12V/24V 500Amp Battery Starter/Charger

£258.00 (£215.00 Ex. VAT)


Battery/starter charger fitted with a large easy to read ammeter, fast charge facility, terminal overload protection, battery timer and a polarity protection device. Heavy-duty starter suitable for starting petrol engines up to 3 litres and diesel up to 2.2 litres. The starter/charger is attached with protective crocodile clips and trolley wheels for easy movement. A charger/starter engineered for use in garages, workshops and bodyshops. Suitable for use with lead-acid, maintenance-free, lead AGM and gel battery types.

Additional information

Weight 26.800 kg

Charging output   12/24V<br>Input-single phase   230V-16A<br>Charging current effective   85A (RMS)<br>Charging current (average)   50A (EN60335)<br>Cranking current effective   500A (RMS)<br>Cranking current (average)   430A (EN60335)<br>Dimensions   645 x 360 x 347mm<br>Weight   23.2kg