D20 20V Water Pump (Sold Bare)

£123.48 (£102.90 Ex. VAT)


This cordless surface mounting garden pump is capable of lifting water up to a maximum of 22 metres and, using the fast mode, will pump up to 2,800 litres per hour. It can be used for pond or tank drainage and, with a garden spray gun fitted – it is a quick and easy way to use rainwater in the garden. There is a choice of two pumping speeds: normal and eco. It has a carry handle on top for portability and is supplied with a 2m suction hose and two connectors. D20 batteries and chargers sold separately. The D20 interchangeable battery system allows you to combine the same battery/batteries with any of the tools within the D20 series.

Additional information

Weight 2.980 kg

1 x D20 20V Water Pump (Sold Bare)<br>1 x 2m Suction hose<br>1 x 1/4 Suction hose connector<br>1 x Outlet hose connector


Voltage: 20V<br>Power: 180W<br>Maximum pressure: 2.2bar<br>Maximum pump height: 22m<br>Maximum pump rate: 2,800l/h<br>Maximum grain size: 0.5mm<br>Weight: 2.4kg