Diesel Flow and Adaptor Kit

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Expert Quality, comprehensive kit essential for determining the return flow from diesel injectors. The fuel return flowmeters allow precise measurement for swiftly diagnosing faulty or damaged injectors. Supplied with a selection of adaptors and is capable of measuring six injectors simultaneously. Packed in portable plastic case.

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Contents:<br>•   6 x manometer tubes for use when cranking engine<br>•   6 x reservoir bottles for use when running the engine for longer periods<br>•   12 x push fit adaptors<br>•   Anodized hanging bottle rack<br>•   6 x Bosch Injector adaptors (No.1)<br>•   6 x Siemens Injector adaptors (No.2)<br>•   6 x Denso Injector adaptors (No.3)<br>•   6 x Delphi Injector adaptors (No.4)