Digital 3-D Four Wheel Aligner

£10,197.60 (£8,498.00 Ex. VAT)


Expert Quality wheel aligner providing advanced readings and diagnostic information. The four-wheel system gives increased accuracy to a multitude of suspension and steering requirements. Simple to operate, the wheel aligner guides technicians through the measuring process, ensuring cars operate with maximum efficiency, comfort and safety, combining unmatched accuracy with user-friendly qualities. The extensive vehicle database, automatically compares the latest technical specifications in line with vehicle manufacturers recommendations, providing free automatic system updates, free vehicle data updates and free technical assistance. Advanced readings and accurate diagnostic information in real-time are provided by hi-tech imaging technology, including high-resolution cameras and advanced wheel targets. The high-resolution cameras produce live alignment readings and diagnostic data, whilst the cloud-based technology provides unlimited free data updates and software maintenance. Each four-wheel aligner is connected to the cloud and fitted with a 24” LCD display, 500 mega pixel real-time infra-red camera, 4 x target plates with clamps and an on-board printer, enabling data sheets to be supplied to customers.

Additional information

Weight 155.000 kg

Contents:<br>4 x Target plates and clamps<br>4 x Tyre stopper<br>4 x Securing bolts<br>2 x Turn tables and rubber blocks<br>Printer<br>Wireless keyboard<br>Wireless mouse<br>Brake pedal holder<br>Steering wheel holder<br>


Rim diameter range   13 – 24<br>Power supply   AC 85-265V<br>Track width   <268cm<br>Wheel base   <546cm