Dispenser for 186 Cabinet Pattern Screwdrivers

£716.66 (£597.22 Ex. VAT)


Freestanding acrylic resin display of 186 Range of Draper Cabinet Pattern handle screwdrivers with chrome vanadium steel blades, correctly hardened and tempered with sand blasted tips. Some sizes are fitted with a hexagon bolster which enables extra power to be obtained by the use of a spanner. Flat oval colour coded cabinet pattern handles ensure high torque and user comfort. Carton packed.

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Weight 6.388 kg

Contents:<br><b>Plain slot</b><br>3.2 x 63mm (12pcs), 5.0 x 75mm (10pcs), 6.0 x 38mm (4pcs),<br>6.0 x 100mm (8pcs), 8.0 x 150mm (8pcs),<br>9.5 x 200mm (4pcs), 9.5 x 250mm (4pcs)<br><b>Cross Slot</b><br>No.0 x 75mm (6pcs), No.1 x 75mm (5pcs), No.2 x 38mm (4pcs),<br>No.2 x 100mm (8pcs)<br><b>PZ TYPE</b><br>No.0 x 75mm (12pcs), No.1 x 75mm (10pcs),<br>No.2 x 38mm (4pcs), No.2 x 100mm (8pcs)