Dispenser for 870 Mechanic’s/Engineer’s Pattern Screwdrivers

£772.56 (£643.80 Ex. VAT)


Expert Quality, freestanding acrylic display of 870 Range screwdrivers with hardened SVCM satin chrome plated blades and sand blasted tips. With handles manufactured from impact-resistant heavy-duty ‘soft grip’ polypropylene that’s colour coded for easy recognition. Some blades have hexagon bolsters enabling extra power to be obtained by use of a spanner.

Additional information

Weight 6.380 kg

Contents:<br><b>Plain slot<br></b>6.0 x 38mm (4pcs), 6.0 x 100mm (4pcs), 8.0 x150mm (4pcs), <br>9.5 x 200 mm (4pcs), 9.5 x 250 mm (4pcs)<br><b>Plain slot – parallel tip<br></b>3.2 x 75mm (10pcs), 3.2 x 100mm (5pcs), 3.2 x 150mm (5pcs), <br>5.0 x 100mm (4pcs), 5.0 x 150mm (4pcs), 5.0 x 200mm (4pcs),<br>5.0 x 250 mm (4pcs)<br><b>Cross Slot<br></b>No.1 x 75mm (4pcs), No.2 x 100mm (4pcs), No.3 x 150mm (4pcs)<br><b>PZ TYPE<br></b>No.0 x 75mm (5pcs), No.1 x 75mm (4pcs), <br>No.1 x 250mm (4pcs), No.2 x 38mm (4pcs), <br>No.2 x 100mm (8pcs), No.2 x 250mm (8pcs)<br>No.3 x 150mm (4pcs)