Draper Expert Air-Fed PAPR Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet, Black

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This air-fed powered air-purifying respiratory (PAPR) welding helmet is ideal for keeping lungs and eyes healthy in a challenging work environment. It offers electronically controlled airflow with three levels: 150L/min, 180L/min and 220L/min. There is a dual airflow adjustment knob – high, medium and low – and an on/off button. For safety, there is an alarm to warn of low airflow and low battery. The air hose is fire retardant and includes a P3 filter. This versatile helmet is auto-darkening, automatically switching on when the arc is struck and rapidly changing to the required amount of shade. The shade coverage includes 4 and 9-13. The helmet is powered by a solar cell and a lithium-ion battery (replaceable) for fast switching and low amp sensitivity. The 98 x 48mm viewing area provides good visibility of the weld zone. It is suitable for TIG, MIG and arc welding and also grinding. The comfortable headband is adjustable using the knob to enable an optimal fit.

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1 x Draper Expert Air-Fed (PAPR) Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet, Black