Ergo Plus® VDE Screwdriver Set with Interchangeable Blades (18 Piece)

£82.02 (£68.35 Ex. VAT)


Expert Quality, tested to 10kV, suitable for working on live circuits of 1kV AC and 1.5kV DC. SCVM steel blades hardened, tempered and chemically blackened. Interchangeable insulated blades deep set into handles – precision or high torque types – for total safety. Mains tester included in set. Supplied in storage roll. Display packed.

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Weight .629 kg

Manufactured and individually certified to EN 60900


Contents:<br>•   5 plain slot sizes: 3.0 x100, 3.5 x 100, 4.0 x 100, 5.5 x 100 and 6.5 x 100mm<br>•   3 cross slot sizes: No.0, 1 and 2<br>•   3 PZ TYPE: No.0, 1 and 2 <br>•   4 Draper TX-STAR®: T10, T15, T20 and T25 x 100mm<br>•   Mains tester<br>•   Fully insulated high torque screwdriver handle<br>•   Fully insulated precision screwdriver handle