Expert Semi Automatic Wheel Balancer

£1,346.40 (£1,122.00 Ex. VAT)


Expert Quality, semi automatic, user friendly, motorised wheel balancer. Supplied with calibration weight for easy set up, enabling the balancing of wheels up to 24” in diameter, 65kg in weight and with an accuracy of 1 gram. Suitable for passenger and LGV wheel/tyre combinations, and fitted with a standard 13 amp plug for easy installation and assembly. Supplied with the following accessories: 4 x centering cones, centering shaft, wheel weight pliers, hub nut and rim width calipers.

Additional information

Weight 111.000 kg

Specifications:<br>Balance speed … 200RPM<br>Power supply … 230V<br>Balance accuracy … 1 Gram<br>Cycle Time … 8-10 seconds<br>Max tyre diameter … 43<br>Max tyre width … 35<br>Rim capacity … 10 – 24<br>Rim width capacity … 1.5 – 20<br>Max weight capacity … 65kg<br>Dimensions (guard open) … 13208mm x 1016mm x 1651mm<br>Dimensions (guard closed) … 13208mm x 965mm x 1270mm<br>Weight … 65kg