Knipex 90 22 10 BK BiX® Cutters for Plastic Pipes and Sealing Sleeves, 72mm

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This clever, practical tool for plumbers and electricians cuts plastic pipes and sealing sleeves quickly and cleanly, without shavings. It can cut reinforced plastic pipes with a diameter of 20 to 50mm and a wall thickness of up to 2.4mm. It enables standard, compliant cutting for drip and sealing sleeves to DIN 18534 standards and can cut sealing sleeves approx. 2–3mm from the wall. The cutter has a unique rotating blade that can turn 180 degrees to switch between central and outer cutting functions. Compact and versatile, the cutter fits comfortably in the hand. There’s a locking mechanism for safe transport and two spare blades are integrated into the tool.

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Weight .065 kg

1 x Knipex 90 22 10 BK BiX® <br>2 x Spare blades <br>Cutters for Plastic Pipes and Sealing Sleeves, 72mm


Cutting values for HT and plastic pipes: ⌀ 20 – 50mm<br>Cutting values for sealing sleeves:⌀ 20 – 50mm<br>Spare parts: Knipex 90 22 10 E01 Spare Blades for 90 22 10 BK (stock no. 03874)<br>Dimensions: W 72 x H 50 x D 40mm<br>Weight: 108g