Liquid Cooled Induction Heater (3.5kW)

£4,384.72 (£3,653.93 Ex. VAT)


Expert Quality, high powered, high specification, liquid cooled industrial induction heater. Designed for industrial workshops where controlled, safe and efficient heating of ferrous and some non-ferrous metals is required. Attached with a precise focusing tip for accurate work and fully adjustable, computer controlled, three heating modes. An ability to link, via the universal remote control software with external digital or analogue systems enable the user to utilise the control software to the maximum, whilst the quiet cooling internal fan assisted radiators allow continuous use. These features enable the user to replace dangerous and difficult to control oxy-acetylene gas heating with simple to use, but highly effective, electrical induction heating.

Additional information

Weight 12.690 kg

Input power   3.5kW<br>Operating frequency   20 – 60kHz<br>Voltage supply   230V 50/60Hz<br>Max current   16A<br>Output power   3kW (16A supply)<br>Liquid tank   1.5L<br>Dimensions   430 x 200 x 200mm<br>Weight   14.6kg approx