Pair of Pneumatic Rise Ratcheting Axle Stands (3 tonne)

£77.38 (£64.48 Ex. VAT)


Expert Quality, pair of pneumatic axle stands fitted with an internal gas strut enabling an auto rising feature. Easily operated by activating a lever, which enacts the internal air driven post to rise until the saddle makes contact or the saddle reaches its maximum height. Once the correct height is achieved a locking pin keeps the saddle secured and the extra wide base of the axle stand provides added stability.

Additional information

Weight 10.600 kg

Minimum height   340mm<br>Maximum height   510mm<br>Capacity (max. per stand)   3000kg (S.W.L.)<br>Capacity (per pair)   6000kg (S.W.L.)<br>Base size   220 x 188mm