Storm Force® Multi Tool with 57 Piece Accessory Kit (135W)

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•   Variable speed control
•   Spindle lock release button
•   Hanging loop for storage
•   Supplied with 57 piece accessory pack

Additional information

Weight 1.342 kg

Contents:<br>10 x large sanding drums, 10 x cutting wheels, 5 x polishing wheel, 5 x diamond grinding points, 5 x grinding points, 5 x collets (1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.0mm, 3.2mm), 3 x HSS drill bits, 2 x tungsten milling points, 2 x grinding wheels, 1 x large sanding drum holder, 1 x polishing wheel holder, 1 x disc holder, 1 x bristle brush, 1 x bristle wheel, 1 x steel brush, 1 x brass wheel, 1 x cloth polishing wheel, 1 x collet spanner with plain slot screwdriver


Voltage   230V – 50Hz<br>Rated input   135W<br>Motor   135W<br>Speed (no load)    10,000 – 35,000rpm<br>Weight    700g